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Astras 'most seized uninsured cars'

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New figures have shown that nearly 500 uninsured vehicles are seized each day, with Vauxhall Astras topping the list of cars most frequently removed from the roads due to a lack of car insurance.

Findings of a report, based on roadside calls to the Motor Insurers' Bureau police helpline, reveal that the BMW 3 Series cars are the second most-seized uninsured vehicles.

The figures follow a video campaign launched by MIB, which compensates victims of accidents involving uninsured drivers, to warn of the consequences of driving without car insurance.

In addition to vehicle seizure, the consequences of being caught driving without insurance include a fixed fine of £200, six licence penalty points, car recovery charges of £150 and the requirement for drivers to purchase valid motor insurance to retrieve the vehicle.

Ashton West, chief executive, MIB, said: "We are working with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to introduce the continuous insurance enforcement scheme and expect to reduce the numbers of uninsured drivers on UK roads even further."

Police use the Motor Insurance Database to detect cars being driven without insurance.

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