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Speed camera data to be published

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Motorists will soon be able to get more information about the country's speed cameras.

Under plans announced by road safety minister Mike Penning, the public will be able to access data on cameras such as the number of drivers caught speeding, the speeds they were going at, accident rates and the number of prosecutions at each camera site.

The information is expected to be available by April 2011. Some camera sites generate thousands of pounds in fines annually, with motorists also facing points on their licences and steeper car insurance premiums if caught.

Police and local authorities will work with the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency to discuss the plans and decide what information should be made available.

Mr Penning said: "If taxpayers' money is being spent on speed cameras then it is right that information about their effectiveness is available to the public.

"The proposals... will help show what impact cameras are having on accident and casualty rates and also how the police are dealing with offenders.

"This is in line with our commitment to improve transparency of Government data so that the public are able to make more informed judgments about the work of local and central Government."

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