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Men 'happy to be driven by women'

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A study has revealed that though many female motorists may become anxious when their male partner is in the passenger seat, most men are relaxed while being driven around by their women.

The survey, by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has revealed that of 520 male motorists questioned, only 5% are sometimes not comfortable or are never relaxed when their female partner is driving.

However, of the 480 women drivers surveyed for the study, 15% are sometimes uneasy and 8% are never relaxed if their man is sitting in the vehicle when they are behind the wheel.

Other findings of the survey show that nearly two fold more male motorists than female ones say they are confident drivers.

The most confident motorists and the least nervous ones are in Yorkshire and Humberside whereas the least confident and most nervous are in North East England.

According to the survey, when couples go out together on the road, men have a four fold higher chance of driving the car than their female counterparts.

However, when partners head out to pubs or parties, women are more likely to take the wheel to drive home.

The study also suggests that a higher number of women in comparison with men say that other motorists unnerve them a little or a lot.

Both sexes however have an equal chance of admitting to parking poorly, speeding, or becoming angry.

Neil Greig, policy and research director, IAM, said: "The findings are positive and dispel a lot of previously-held misconceptions, particularly about women drivers.

"While women are still more nervous in certain environments, such as in fast-moving traffic and bad weather, we encourage them to take the steering wheel more often, and to get as much practice as possible."

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