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Travellers to spend 'selectively'

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Travellers may decide to give travel insurance a miss, as they will choose to spend selectively in the new year to afford their dream holiday, a travel website has foretold.

According to, people will watch their pockets both before and during their vacations.

Termed as "selective austerity" by the company, the trend will govern how travellers spend in 2011 as they struggle to fit holidays into their budgets. managing director Justin Francis said: "We'll also see the idea of 'selective austerity' influencing holiday schedules.

"Travellers will, for example, opt for four nights in a cheap hotel so they can afford a few nights somewhere magical at the end, or dine out at local markets in order to afford to stay in a blow-the-budget guesthouse."

He added: "Travellers will do whatever it takes to save pennies on the mundane stuff - packed lunches, cutting out the daily latte, rethinking their journey to work, switching to a different energy provider.

"These small selective cuts to daily living will allow them to pursue their annual dream holiday."

The company saw a 20% year-on-year rise in rail enquiries, and predicts more vacationers will opt to travel by train. Train trips appeal to the "journey junky" who loves slower travel, enjoying the journey as much as the holiday.

Holidays that offer learning opportunities for travellers and homestay vacations "which offer authentic local travel experiences without the fancy price tag" will be in demand, the website further predicts.

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