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New laws planned for uninsured cars

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Stricter Government regulations are being considered which would make it illegal to keep an uninsured vehicle.

The proposed law will allow British authorities to fine drivers of such vehicles as well as seize or crush cars which have been found without insurance or have not been confirmed through a statutory off-road notification (SORN) as being unfit for the road.

Road safety minister Mike Penning wants the rules to be implemented to cut the number of road deaths, crashes and injuries caused by the owners of uninsured drivers, which costs drivers approximately £30 million every year.

The new plans will see the DVLA and Driver and Motor Insurers' Bureau compare information to trace cars that have been registered for road use, but have not been insured.

The owners of such cars will be sent official warnings to go and get their vehicles insured or get a SORN, or they will have to pay a fine of £100. If they fail to follow the warning they could see their car seized or crushed.

At present police can seize an uninsured vehicle if they spot it being driven on the road.

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