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Most drivers name their car - poll

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Most people are so fond of their cars that they even name them, a poll has revealed.

The survey of 3,000 car owners by found that more than half of car owners (53%) give their vehicles names.

Betty, Betsy and Bess have emerged as the most popular car names in the study.

In fact, car owners don't flinch from giving their vehicles fancy names. For example, one owner called his car God as "it moves in mysterious ways". A fan of Nigerian footballer Efan Ekoku named his motor after the player.

One in four motorists cry when they have to part ways with their beloved cars.

If you, too, are emotionally attached to your car, it may be worth your time to select a suitable car insurance policy for it so you don't have to so goodbye to it anytime in the near future.

More women (60%) than men (41%) were found to be very fond of their cars.

Colours can also influence people's naming tendencies. The poll showed motorists were more likely to name their cars if they are red or blue in colour. Green and grey cars, on the other hand, weren't considered as name-worthy by the surveyed.

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