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Survey finds drivers' pet hates

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Drivers are most annoyed by lane-hogging, tailgating and changing lanes without indicating, a new motoring poll on pet hates by Castrol has found.

Erratic application of brakes, talking on mobile phones without using a headset and cutting across lanes feature high on the list of things that motorists find irritating about others behind the wheel.

The survey of 2,777 drivers also showed that they are not fond of people overtaking on the wrong side (undertaking) or slowing down to look at an accident (rubbernecking).

The study found that a third (33%) of people indulge in undertaking themselves, while a fourth of those polled confess to changing lanes without indicating.

A total of 20% of men and 12% of women own up to weaving in and out of slow-moving traffic, while 12% of all drivers admit tailgating and 14% rubbernecking.

Drivers of 4x4s and lorries upset other motorists the most, while 24% of women but only 7% of men feel stressed driving on motorways.

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