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Classic car searches 'increase'

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Motor enthusiasts have turned their attention to classic cars, with searches for exclusive vehicles shooting up over the past month, it has been revealed.

According to, the car that received the most hits was the Ferrari 288 GTO, which witnessed a 287% increase in searches, with the Chrysler Hunter next on the list with a 144% rise.

Car lovers have not forgotten the luxury vehicle Chrysler Le Baron either, which saw a 98% increase in searches during the period.

This surge in interest in vintage vehicles could also lead to an increase in the number of people looking for classic car insurance policies to keep their rare and expensive motors safe.

Classic Aston Martin cars, which have become iconic after appearing in James Bond films, are still all the rage with aficionados, with the DB1, DB2 and DB3 making their way into Auto Trader's top ten most searched classic car list.

Aston Martin won itself the accolade of 'Britain's coolest brand' in October 2010, and is among the most popular for car fanatics as it is one of the most wanted classic cars in the UK, according to

Matt Thompson, Auto Trader's marketing director, said: "Brits are well known for their love affair with classic cars - but it's still surprising to see such sudden growth, especially at a traditionally quiet time of year for the motor industry.

"This could be a reflection of the unusual economic times; the depreciation level for classic cars is far lower than that of newer vehicles and, if well cared for, some even increase in value. Chosen wisely, a classic car can be a valuable asset as well as bringing its owner lots of pleasure."

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