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Odd causes of windscreen damage

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Motorists might decide to make a car insurance claim over cracked windscreens, but it might take some convincing before some of the more unusual explanations are entertained.

Glass repair firm Autoglass revealed that drivers' explanations to their broken windscreens in the last year included a falling squirrel, an angry mother-in-law and a startled deer.

A caller blamed his mother-in-law for the damage, saying she used a baseball bat on his car after a quarrel.

Another customer told Autoglass that the glass of his car's windscreen was broken after a squirrel fell from a tree and landed on the vehicle.

A vehicle was damaged as a farmer took his axe to its windscreen in a parking dispute, while another driver reported that the window of his car was broken by a startled deer.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, said some of the reasons presented by motorists were quite amusing for the technicians.

He added: "While the most common cause for damaged glass comes from other cars throwing up loose chippings from the road, our customers have offered a whole host of weird and wonderful explanations."

Other examples of strange causes of cracked windscreens include the heel of a woman's stiletto chipping the inside of a window and an unidentified item falling from a plane onto a car.

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