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Spy box to cut car insurance costs

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Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle fitted with a new spy-in-the-car box could help young motorists save money on their car insurance.

In the past six months, drivers under the age of 25 have seen a nearly 50% rise in car insurance premiums.

The new devices - which are highly sophisticated and less expensive than previous incarnations - help safe drivers cut down the cost of their motor cover, by using GPS tracking to monitor the length of the journeys made, driving style, and the speed at which they drove.

These details are then made available to car insurance providers, who can identify speeding drivers and charge them higher premiums.

The scheme, supported currently by six insurers, will see premiums vary depending on what time of the day the motorist gets behind the wheel.

Those driving at off-peak times will have the cheapest premiums, while rush hour will be more costly. Late night driving will attract the highest premium for young motorists.

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