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Warning about 'running engines'

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A survey has revealed that close to half of all drivers wander off while their car engines are still running, oblivious of the fact that their car insurance provider may not give them cover if their vehicle is stolen.

Though car insurance companies may in certain cases nullify a claim where a vehicle has been stolen with keys having been left inside, many motorists are unaware of this, and 47% say that they have in the past gone back indoors to get something while their car engine was warming up.

The survey has also revealed that on a yearly basis, vehicles collectively worth up to £12.7 million become subject of theft.

Robin Reames, claims director at, said: "Leaving a car with keys in the ignition provides a perfect opportunity for thieves, and we as motorists are especially likely to do this at this time of year.

"People have an 'it won't happen to me' attitude and think that it's fine to quickly nip into the house. However in reality, it can and does happen anywhere in the UK."

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