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Call to tackle overtaking at speed

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A road safety charity is urging the Government to introduce stricter measures to tackle motorists who overtake at "lethal" speeds on rural roads.

Nearly half (47%) of 942 drivers involved in a study confessed they drove at a speed of over 60 miles per hour to overtake on rural roads at least once in the past year.

Although motorists are aware of the fact that speeding convictions may lead to an increase in their car insurance premiums, 23% said they do this at least once a month.

Brake is once again calling on the Government to do more to handle motorists who overtake irresponsibly and speed on country roads.

Lowering the default speed limit on single carriageway roads to 50mph or lower may help to tackle the issue, according to the charity.

It has also called for an awareness campaign to tackle speeding and overtaking on rural roads.

The charity said Government figures show drivers are much more likely to die on a rural road than any other type, with speed and overtaking major factors in causing deaths.

Ellen Booth, Brake campaigns officer, said: "Drivers who overtake at speed on country roads aren't just risking their own lives - they are selfishly endangering their passengers and anyone coming the other way."

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