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Best route for drivers is 'home'

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A survey has revealed that the route home is the best for British drivers, with other scenic views across the country taking a backseat.

According to the poll by Halfords, when it comes to choosing the best route, most drivers would leave behind picturesque drives in the country, such as one that passes Stonehenge or even through the Scottish Highlands, to take the road that brings them back to their loved ones.

They would also love to reach their destination as soon as they possibly can, according to the survey of over 2,000 drivers.

The figures show that although motorists find an open road drive very pleasing, the thought of getting home to their families and partners gives them more pleasure than looking at the view outside.

The survey about the favourite journeys of drivers also shows that after the road home, motorists prefer roads that are free of potholes and traffic jams, without speed cameras.

Most respondents think M1, M6 and M40 are better than A roads, and have thus given higher ratings to the motorways, which are thought to be ideal to drive on.

According to the poll, the most common routes drivers store on satnavs are the ones they use most frequently.

For instance, nine in 10 drivers say they have inputted the route they take back home, with seven in ten saying they have put in the road to another family member on their satnav, while 62% have inserted the way to the office, 28% the path to the local supermarket, and 22% the best route to a sports area.

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