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Woman makes bomb threat 'for love'

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Authorities in Chile had to evacuate more than 300 people from a taxiing plane following a bomb threat - made by a woman to stop her boyfriend from flying to another country.

The desperate action saw Grace Guajardo phone the airport on Sunday to say there was a bomb on the plane, just so her boyfriend Rodrigo Gomez, who was on the Iberia Flight 6830 at the time, would not be able to fly to Madrid for his month-long job.

Miss Guajardo, who has been charged with making a false bomb threat, said: "I'm sorry, but I did it for love."

She was arrested after confessing, but has been freed on bail and may have to spend up to 61 days behind bars if convicted during trial. Prosecutors did not call for stricter anti-terrorism laws for this case after hearing the story from the pair.

Mr Gomez was already on the plane, to take up his new job as a cruise ship waiter, when a desperate Miss Guajardo phoned the airport telling authorities to inform him that his father was very ill.

But when that effort went in vain she decided to call again, warning that there was a bomb on the flight.

Both the calls were made from a mobile phone that Mr Gomez had left behind in the house.

The plane, which was taxiing down the tarmac, was immediately halted in a distant area and the 312 on board were evacuated.

Bomb-sniffing dogs and police carefully searched through luggage to find the explosive.

Miss Guajardo's extreme measure to keep her boyfriend from flying off definitely succeeded, and the remaining 311 people were put on another flight scheduled to depart on Monday.

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