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AFI-Uplift purchases Berlingo vans

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AFI-Uplift has purchased Citroën Berlingo Enterprise vans in a bid to reduce the carbon emissions of its van fleet.

The powered access rental firm said it is reducing the size of the vans driven by its service engineers in order to make them more eco-friendly and boost fuel economy.

Lower carbon footprint helps owners reduce their van insurance premiums.

The Wakefield based company has so far bought 22 Berlingo Enterprise HDi 90 vans, and is expected to receive another set of Citroën Coventry vehicles to replace the remaining 30-plus van fleet by the second quarter of this year.

Berlingo vans boast air conditioning, Bluetooth, USB connectivity and rear parking sensors. The vehicles provided to AFI-Uplift will have additional features such as ply-lining, alarms, full steel bulkheads and roof mounted light bars.

The Berlingo Enterprise vans are likely to have a three year/100,000 mile service life.

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