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Britons 'take 120 holidays in life'

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A study has shown that Britons take about 120 holidays throughout their lifetime, with London being one of the most popular destinations among young people.

Researchers who analysed the travel habits of 3,000 adults found that people would spend over £168,000 on holidays in total.

A holiday "life" starts at the age of 18 and lasts for about 60 years. According to the survey by Teletext Holidays, it involves spending of over £2,750 each year.

Each holiday costs an average of £860 per person, with over £530 for spending money. And holidays not coming cheap, people may want to think about taking out adequate travel insurance before going away.

Newquay in Cornwall is the most popular destination among young people who are holidaying without their parents for the first time, while they also enjoy visiting places like Blackpool and Brighton.

Meanwhile, gap-year trippers and those on retirement holidays usually go to Australia.

Florida is favoured by teenagers and those with young children, while those in their 20s taking trips with friends like to visit the Spanish island of Ibiza.

The favourite stag and hen party destination is Amsterdam, while Maldives is a popular honeymoon spot.

Teletext Holidays managing director Victoria Sanders said: "Holidays are increasingly being used to mark important milestones in people's life. There are more people travelling for stag and hen weekends, to get married overseas or celebrate 'big zero' birthdays than ever before.

"An ageing population means that we are travelling for longer and we can fit much more of the world into a lifetime than ever before."

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