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Motorists prefer 'older songs'

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A survey has indicated motorists prefer listening to older songs while driving, with the 1970s Meat Loaf hit Bat Out Of Hell garnering the most votes.

Another oldie, Bohemian Rhapsody, by rock band Queen, was voted the second most popular driving number, with Abba's Dancing Queen coming in third in the poll by AA/Populus.

Chris Rea's popular songs Driving Home for Christmas and Road to Hell rounded off the top five.

Eighth-placed Queen hit, Don't Stop Me Now, was found to be most popular among drivers aged 18 to 34, while Dancing Queen was the favourite driving tune for those above 65.

AA president Edmund King said: "There is a long tradition of music and driving. Music can help reduce boredom and frustration on long, congested journeys.

"Our members seem to be nostalgic for the good old days when petrol was 17p a litre (78.20p a gallon) when Bat Out of Hell was released in 1977."

Mr King went on: "However we are told that if music is above 60 beats per minute listeners experience a faster heart rate and increased blood pressure. With dance music, that is common. Classical music is not as fast, but the number of notes, combined with the repetitive crescendo and diminuendo can have the same effect."

Motorists who prefer faster music while driving may want to consider switching to slower tunes to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident and costly car insurance claims.

Hotel California by Eagles, The Flood by Take That, Hey Jude by The Beatles and Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd made up the remaining top 10.