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'One in three' unhappy with car

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New research has shown that one-third of motorists in the UK regret their specific choice of car when they by a new vehicle.

In a survey of 1,000 car owners by, 304 admitted they had chosen the 'wrong' car.

The study estimates buyers' hasty choices would equate to around £11 billion being misspent on the '11' series of new registration numbers due out in March.

When asked what they would have done differently if they had the chance to go back in time and rectify their car buying decision, around three in ten (29%) of those questioned said they would have purchased the same car with a different engine.

Some 19% would have bought the same car, but with a different specification. Around 18% of buyers are so dissatisfied with their car choice, they would have opted for a totally different car from another manufacturer.

Some (11%) would have gone for a different colour if given a choice to remedy their car choice, the poll found.

Mat Watson from said: "On average our respondents spent just over £20,000 on their new car and so it's very worrying that so many believe they didn't make the right choice."

If one considers all the different body styles, engine choices and specification levels available on the market, there are 4,427 separate model derivatives for UK consumers to choose from. With so many varied choices available, it is not surprising buyers are making wrong purchasing decisions on such a great scale.

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