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Drivers vandalise badly parked cars

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Angry drivers have verbally attacked poor parkers and even damaged their vehicles, including slashing their tyres, a survey has revealed.

Blocking cars in when they are parked badly and leaving angry notes on windscreens are other tactics used by enraged motorists, said the poll based on 3,000 responses.

Blocking access was the most common reaction, according to the study which revealed that a quarter of those surveyed said they verbally attacked drivers for alleged parking "crimes".

Other tactics that cause offence include parking in a disabled parking space, parking on double yellow lines, parking on the pavement and parking outside someone else's house.

Of those who have fallen out with people over parking, around a third have done so with people living close by, with some resorting to knocking on neighbour's doors to object.

Paul Coulter, of, said: "Poor parking is a real source of frustration for Britain's motorists. From our research it's clear that drivers should stick to common sense rules and courtesy to avoid notching anyone's anger into top gear."

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