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TV bigger part of life, says study

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New research has revealed that not only are consumers buying televisions with bigger screens, but they are also spending more time watching them.

According to a survey carried out online by the ICM for TV Licensing, the size of TV sets in households is increasing, with two million sets sporting 40in or more screens were bought last year compared with less than 600,000 four years ago.

The poll of 2000 UK adults also showed that viewers on average spend one more hour watching television then they think they do.

According to the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board, the majority of people devoted around 30 hours to TV watching in a week, but when they were questioned in the survey of how much time they spent in front of the screen, most people swore it was less than 20 hours.

With television such an integral part of most people's lives, viewers should remember to make sure their new TVs are covered by a home insurance policy.

Overall, more than 9.5 million television units were sold during 2010, which is twice as many as in 2002, the research found.

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