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Britons still use mobiles at wheel

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The majority of UK motorists are risking higher car insurance premiums by flouting the ban on using mobile phones while driving, according to a mobile phone comparison website.

Although using mobile phones while driving has been banned since 2004, a survey by suggests that many drivers are still willing to risk a fine and penalty points on their licences.

Of the 1,859 motorists polled, four out of five admit to using their handsets illegally while on the road.

Only 12% of those questioned said they make sure they use a hands-free device while making calls at the wheel, while just 3% said they would never use their phone when on the road.

The survey also found that over three out of five (62%) motorists are not aware of the possible legal consequences of using mobile phones at the wheel.

Just over a quarter (27%) said they know that they could be punished for violating rules, whilst the remaining 11% are unsure.

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