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Unfair parking fines 'cost £60m'

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Motorists in the UK could have reclaimed nearly £60 million paid out in unfair parking fines last year, a study by a car insurance firm has suggested.

The survey found 5% of drivers given a parking ticket in 2010 had good reason to appeal against it. Unfair tickets cost the motorists £42 on average and an estimated £58.5 million collectively.

Just 22% of drivers receiving a parking ticket in unfair circumstances choose to fight it, with 88% of them getting their money back.

Of the people who did not appeal against their ticket, more than half said they had no hopes of succeeding while 8% said they did not know how to go about it.

Places with poor parking signs see the most number of unfair tickets issued, while 2% of those polled claimed parking attendants had fined them after fabricating evidence.

The study, which questioned more than 2,000 people, also found that around half of the unfair tickets are handed out on public roads and 10% in parking areas public buildings managed by local councils, including libraries, hospitals and doctors' surgeries.

Also, 182,000 tickets issued unfairly last year came from unregulated private parking operators.

As many as 10% of motorists given an unfair ticket on privately-owned land said they had been threatened with court proceedings or debt recovery action if they did not pay up.

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