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Cuts 'could encourage criminality'

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A new report by leading think-tank Civitas has warned that the public could face a higher risk of crime because of Government cuts decreasing the number of police officers.

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The Civitas report, based on a study conducted by economist Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, says that sudden police cuts could "encourage criminals to commit more crime".

The higher detection rates by police lead to a fall in crime, Dr Bandyopadhyay said, but warned that the Government's announced 20% cut to police resources puts this check on criminality at risk.

Dr Bandyopadhyay said: "The perception that police are stretched may encourage criminals to commit more crime which would indeed stretch the police."

According to figures, a modest one percentage point increase in detection rates leads to 22,500 fewer theft and handling and 6,000 fewer burglaries, while violent offences are down 2,300.

Dr Bandyopadhyay said: "Improved detection rates not only have a direct impact by reducing current crime; they also lower future crime."

The study was based on data from the 43 forces across England and Wales between 1992 and 2008.

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