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Parents 'pass on road rage habits'

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A new study has found that road rage habits are being passed on to young drivers by their parents.

According to the report by AA, mothers and fathers often set a poor example by drinking, using mobile phones while behind the wheel and getting angry at other road users.

The most common bad habits include not making proper use of mirrors, driving too fast, not checking blind spots and braking too hard or late.

The report warned that bad driving habits could lead to a rise in road accidents as well as car insurance premiums.

Simon Douglas, director of the AA Driving School, said: "Dangerous habits are easily passed on, and it is alarming to see evidence that road rage is being passed on to another generation of drivers.

"Parents should try to set a good example with their own driving and remember to let the experts do the teaching, while they focus on helping their children gain experience."

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