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Hike may prompt uninsured driving

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One in three young female motorists may consider driving uninsured if faced with a big rise in car insurance premiums, a survey has found.

Women face the prospect of higher insurance costs following the European Court of Justice ruling that premiums must not be calculated based on gender.

According to the One Poll survey, around 35% of women aged between 17 and 24 said they would consider driving without insurance if they faced a significant hike in premiums.

Men can expect to see car insurance costs go down 10% following the EU ruling, while women under the age of 25 may see a 25% rise, The Association of British Insurers estimates.

Of the 3,000 female motorists questioned, 12% said they would be forced to quit driving if there was a 25% increase in their premiums, while 11% said they would require a second job to bear the costs of car insurance.

The study said 15% of women felt they would have to look for jobs closer to home to avoid paying a huge premium, while 5% voiced concerns that higher car insurance costs would leave them with no money to pay their school or college fees.

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