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Men choose holiday spot to propose

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Four out of 10 men choose a holiday destination abroad to propose to their partner, with the US being the most popular spot to pop the question, a poll has shown.

The survey by questioned 1,000 adults who had married or got engaged in the last three years.

Findings revealed that France, Italy and Spain emerged as the other most popular destinations to get engaged, with couples spending an average of £4,687 on the engagement.

The cost included an average of more than £2,000 spent on the engagement ring and around £1,000 on flights and accommodation.

Top locations to propose at were restaurants or famous monuments or country landmarks, while nearly 9% of men popped the question on the beach.

Men spend an average of 10 weeks planning the perfect engagement holiday, while 20% spend up to four months preparing.

More than 70% of women had a feeling that a proposal was imminent, while more than a quarter (27%) were absolutely certain they would be asked.

Nearly four out of 10 men said the proposal did not go as planned, blaming nerves and an inability to find the right moment.

Two-thirds of men said popping the question was the most nerve-wracking thing they had done.

Around a third proposed on the first day of the holiday, while 54% waited until mid-holiday, with 10% doing it on the last day.

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