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Smaller used cars are popular buys

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Ford's Fiesta supermini emerged as the best selling used car of 2010 - suggesting that second-hand motor buyers continue to favour smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles - according to a report.

The report by global information services firm Experian found that a total of 285,962 used Ford Fiestas were sold last year.

The list of top five best selling used cars was dominated by smaller b and c-segment vehicles with Vauxhall's Corsa in second position, showing sales of 278,169 units in 2010, followed by the Vauxhall Astra (271,412), Ford Focus (259,355) and Volkswagen Golf (199,919).

Smaller vehicles can be more economical than larger ones in terms of tax, mileage and car insurance premiums - a quality that must have increased their popularity among buyers.

Data showed that the Toyota Prius was the best selling hybrid last year, with more than 55% of sales in that sector, while the Mazda MX-5 outsold the Audi TT.

Other models that completed the list of top 10 used cars of 2010 are VW Golf (199,919), BMW 3 Series (176,116), Renault Clio (166,559), Ford Mondeo (164,904), Vauxhall Vectra (133,511) and Peugeot 206 (127,256).

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