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Auction tips for first-time buyers

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British Car Auctions (BCA) has released guidance for first-time buyers at auctions in an effort to make bidding simpler for motorists not familiar with the process.

The auction specialist is advising buyers to do their homework and know what they want before going to a sale, and to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the deals to avoid surprises later on.

First-time auction buyers must also be careful not to rush through decisions. They should arrive early and carefully examine the vehicle of interest and listen to its engine running when it is driven into the auction hall.

Buyers should set a budget limit and stick to it, but they should be flexible with their vehicle selection and should not give up if they miss out on their first choice.

Other top tips from BCA include asking necessary questions to the auction staff, listening to the auctioneer's description as it is legally binding, and bidding distinctly with a clear show of hand or catalogue rather than winking or tapping the nose.

Tony Gannon, communications director, BCA, said: "There's no question that motorists are feeling the pinch at the moment so finding the best deal on their next used vehicle is vital."

BCA is now organising a super sale at its Belle Vue Manchester auction centre on April 9 that will offer user car buyers bargains on more than 400 vehicles from Lex Autolease and Black Horse Motor Finance including over 200 convertibles.

Mr Gannon said: "Our super Saturday sales give private buyers a fantastic range of choice with over 400 vehicles ranging from Alfa and Audi to Range Rover and Volkswagen."

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