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Decline in couples holidays - study

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Research has indicated a decline in the number of couples interested in holidays for "just the two of us".

According to the survey by travel agent, many couples favour heading off on a holiday together with family or friends.

Only 16% of those who responded to the poll said they have planned a getaway this year just with their partner.

This is compared with 32% of people who intend to go on a trip with their partner and family, with 26% planning a break with friends and partner.

The study - which involved 1,726 people - added that 14% have booked a journey with friends, while 6% with family but not with their partner.

The survey was conducted after found there has been a 12% rise in family holiday bookings over the past year as well as a 26% increase in group holiday bookings. Couples' holidays are down 7%, though. co-founder Chris Brown said: "Many people in relationships think that a holiday with just the two of them is their idea of paradise, but you'd be surprised at the number of couples who actively choose not to go away with each other."

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