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Spain 'offers best value holiday'

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Spain could be the best value destination for Easter holidaymakers on a limited budget, according to a new study.

Post Office Travel Money ranked the country as the cheapest among 14 popular destinations, based on the cost of 10 common holiday items.

Travel insurance holders heading off to Spain would need to pay just £42.15 for the collection, including sunscreen, cigarettes and beer.

In Brighton, the same items would cost £77.01, with the prices having gone up by 10% from last year.

The price rise means visitors to Brighton now have to pay around £45.30 for a three-course evening meal with house wine, which costs just £23.58 in Spain.

The Sussex seaside resort has turned out to be even more expensive than Bulgaria, which finished second on the table with the holiday items costing £43.50.

Visitors to Brittany in northern France would need to shell out as much as £81.48 to buy the items, though it is still less than the £92.81 it would cost in Miami - the most expensive place surveyed.

The cost of the items in some of the destinations was lower than last year.

Corfu in Greece was 10% less than 2010, with the 10 items now costing £58.87. Turkey was down 13% to £79.58, while Egypt, although comparatively expensive at £78.30, was 12% lower than last year.

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