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Spring 'worst drink-driving period'

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New figures have revealed that more drivers are failing drink-drive offences in Spring than around Christmas time.

The data show that the number of motorists testing positive for drink or refusing a breath test is much higher in the March to May period.

On the other hand, the period around December has the fewest over-the-limit drivers despite the highest number of breath tests during the month.

As well as being a danger to other road users and pedestrians, drink drivers risk greatly increased car insurance premiums if they are caught.

The figures relating to 2009 show that in March, the number of drivers found over the legal alcohol limit or refusing to be breath tested was as high as 17%.

The April 2009 figure was 16% as was the May figure.

Less than 47,000 breath tests were carried out in each of March and April 2009.

This compares with just 5% of drivers who failed or refused to take the test in December 2009, although as many 189,935 tests were conducted.

The Home Office figures also showed that a total of 813,288 breath tests were carried out in 2009 - 14% more than in 2008.

It also found the number of over the limit tests in 2009 increased by 3% on the 2008 total and with more tests carried out in 2009 than in the previous year, the proportion of positive or failed tests fell from 13% in 2008 to 12% in 2009.

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