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Device to help determine premiums

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A new data recorder has been developed which can monitor driver behaviour and help determine car insurance premiums.

The device will be installed in vehicles as part of a scheme to be piloted in Northern Ireland.

Together with assessing how the vehicle is driven, the recorder can also show its location.

According to a recent European Court of Justice ruling, from December 2012 gender will not be taken into account when evaluating risk for insurance.

Autoline Insurance, the firm that developed the device, said this will lead to a further increase in the already rocketing motor insurance costs.

Caroline Currie, sales director at the company, said: "This is an entirely voluntary type of insurance package which could have huge repercussions for the insurance industry.

"With this scheme, drivers will no longer have to endure the current broad brush approach to insurance rating, as premiums will be based on individual driving skills."

The car insurance scheme has already been trialled in other parts of Europe and the UK.

For the first time in Northern Ireland, drivers could have the opportunity to have their insurance premiums rated on their driving performance, rather than current underwriting categories, such as gender and postcode.

Drivers who choose to install this device in their car will be able to go online to monitor their driving score and learn how to improve their own performance.

Autoline is in consultation with local government departments to brief them on the impact the scheme could have for Northern Ireland drivers.

It has also been negotiating with a number of insurers and is aiming to launch the scheme later this year.

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