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Poll shows test fears among drivers

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A new survey by breakdown service Autonational Rescue has found that many drivers do not have much confidence over passing a driving test if they were to take it now.

Four out of 10 think they would pass the test only narrowly, while nearly 13% believe they would fail.

Of the 1,500 motorists questioned, 3% said they think they would fail the test badly.

While 36% are confident of comfortably passing the test, nearly a third (30%) are worried about the theory test.

Motorists also expressed concerns over the parking manoeuvres now required.

Over a fifth believe they would have to battle with their own nerves in a retest, while 22% expressed confidence that they would not struggle with anything.

Ronan Hart, marketing manager of Autonational, said: "There was one big surprise in this survey - that fewer than 0.5% thought they would struggle with an emergency stop, which is a great relief from the road safety viewpoint."

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