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DIY-shy 'missing out on savings'

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A lack of basic car knowledge is preventing many drivers from carrying out simple DIY tasks that could help them make considerable savings on motoring costs, according to experts.

Fuel additives maker STP says despite the general rise in car DIY, there are still drivers who hesitate to tune their vehicles themselves, either because of a fear of engine complexity or poor understanding of basic maintenance.

Such motorists end up spending large sums of money getting their cars professionally serviced or even go without any servicing, the firm said.

Veronica Fung, brand manager of STP, said: "The younger generation of motorists don't tend to subscribe to a preventative culture.

"There's also a lack of knowledge on how to conduct simple maintenance procedures amongst the same group which can impede their engagement in DIY."

According to Matthew Minter, of Haynes, many drivers consider the average fuel-injected engine in cars to be too complicated for them to tinker with.

But STP says even the most unsure of motorists can improve their car's engine efficiency by adding a good fuel injector cleaner or diesel injector cleaner to a tankful of fuel every 3,000 miles.

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