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Biker caught speeding at 127mph

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A motorcyclist has been caught speeding at 127mph - more than double the speed limit - on a country road, police have said.

Grampian Police said the speed was recorded during a road safety operation on the B9077 South Deeside Road near Nether Balfour, Durris, in Aberdeenshire.

The 43 year old has been charged and a report sent to the procurator fiscal.

Road Safety Grampian's Leslie Harrold said that a biker who travels at 127mph would require the length of two football pitches to slow down and stop.

Mr Harrold said: "If you own a high-performance motorcycle or car, it does not give you the right to exceed the speed limits, regardless of the capabilities of your vehicle."

Warning motorists that roads are not racetracks, he said that people who break the speed limit would be fined, and could get penalty points on their driving licence.

They could also be banned from driving.

A total of 651 motorists were caught speeding on April 22-24 in a campaign co-ordinated by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland.

Police caught 20 motorists for dangerous driving, while 24 were stopped for careless driving.

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