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Flood defence plans back on track

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Property owners in York will be pleased to have additional protection - on top of their home insurance policies - against flood damage, as it was announced that plans for major improvements to the city's flood defences are back on track.

Government cuts announced earlier this year had hit the plans to provide the city with greater protection from flooding by River Ouse.

It was originally estimated that the work to strengthen and raise embankments to protect nearly 550 homes in the Leeman Road area would cost £6.5 million.

However, the city council has revealed that the cost has been cut and now stands at £3.2 million.

The latest news will help ease residents' concerns after the defences had come close to being overtopped by water during the November 2000 floods.

The Environment Agency warned about a rise in flooding risks throughout the 21st century as a result of climate change.

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