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Bird dropping advice for drivers

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Motorists are being urged to protect their vehicles against paintwork damage resulting from bird dropping by remaining vigilant and removing the deposit as soon as possible.

The guidance comes after research from Autoglym found that damage occurs when paint lacquer that had softened and expanded under sunshine contracts upon cooling and moulds to the uneven texture of the dried-up and hardened bird dropping.

According to the study, with longer duration and exposure to higher temperatures, the deposit on the bodywork will harden further and the chances of the paint lacquer moulding to it will be greater.

Paul Caller, CEO of Autoglym, said: "It's a great shame when an otherwise fabulous-looking car is blighted with a tell-tale patch of dull paint.

"The only way to prevent the paint becoming noticeably tarnished is to carefully remove deposits as swiftly as possible."

Removing the deposits quickly in an effort to avoid damage could help car owners save on costs to fix the paint work as well as other expenses such as car insurance.

Findings of the latest research further revealed that bird dropping "acidity" has no effect on paintwork.

Tests with strongly acidic, neutral and strongly alkali bird dropping substitutes showed negligible differences in the damage caused.

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