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Drivers face car insurance rise

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A new poll has found that over four out of five motorists are forking out more for their car insurance than they did last year.

What Car? Magazine found in its survey that only 16% of drivers have been charged less for their car insurance cover compared with 2010.

Of those questioned, 32% said they are paying over a third more for their cover.

The average rise in premiums reported by motorists is 33%.

The survey found that a 25-year-old man saw a 77% rise in his insurance premium to £1,520 - more than what his Skoda Fabia was worth.

In another case, an 18-year-old girl was charged £4,250 for her Ford Fiesta, up 52% compared with what she paid in 2010.

Neither driver had made a claim in the past year.

According to the Association of British Insurers, the huge rises in the cost of car insurance are due to uninsured drivers (who add on average £30 a year to a policy), fraudulent claims (£41 a year) and legal fees incurred in settling personal injury claims (£41 a year).

What Car? said while all three issues were the subject of increasing legislation and government inquiry, it was calling on the authorities to take necessary action as quickly as possible so innocent drivers are not forced to pay for criminal activity.

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