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Company drivers urged over eye test

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Fleet managers are being urged to ensure their company drivers get their eyesight tested on a regular basis.

According to the Fleet Safety Forum, part of the charity Brake, all drivers should have an eye test at least once every two years and every time they suspect a vision problem.

Drivers' eyesight is a vital factor in road safety and impaired vision can lead to accidents and unnecessary car insurance claims.

Campaigners say despite its obvious dangers, around one in six motorists are thought to be driving with eyesight so bad they could not pass a basic sight test.

Caroline Perry, Brake marketing manager, said: "Eyesight needs to be tested regularly throughout a driver's lifetime.

"Fleet managers must address the issue internally and consider their drivers' eyesight as part of their wider fleet safety strategy. Being an experienced and skilled driver is meaningless if a driver is unable to spot hazards due to poor vision."

The Fleet Safety Forum has now launched an awareness pack - consisting of a poster and e-guidance for drivers and managers - and will distribute it free to the first 50 firms who order it.

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