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Hybrid cars 'help cut fuel costs'

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Car buyers who choose hybrid models over equivalent petrol versions could save more than £500 annually in refuelling costs, according to research.

Besides potentially having cheaper car insurance premiums, green vehicles deliver low emissions, have high resale value and help make significant fuel savings.

Although a hybrid car is typically priced higher than the petrol equivalent, buyers would find that the initial investment is entirely worthwhile given its many advantages, said

The firm compared the fuel efficiency of several hybrid models available in the UK with an equivalent petrol version.

It estimates that motorists can easily recover the extra cost of a hybrid within four years through savings made on fuel for petrol-guzzling equivalents.

The website's editor Faye Sunderland commented: "While 2011 was widely predicted to be the year of the electric car, in terms of real market presence and accessibility, then 2011 is a breakthrough year for hybrids."

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