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Rise in rear-end bumps - report

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Rear-end bumps now account for a quarter of road accidents in the UK every year, totalling 405,000 in all, according to a new study.

Insurance firm Admiral examined data from over 200,000 accident claims recorded last year and discovered that in 27% cases one car hit another from behind. This is a 9% rise in these types of accidents from the previous year.

Many rear-end accidents cause whiplash injuries, which are responsible for £1.9 billion worth of insurance claims each year and account for 75% of all bodily injury claims.

The company has also noted an increase in the number "crash for cash" accidents, with some 30,000 staged cases being registered annually.

Sue Longthorn, said: "We have seen a significant rise in rear-end accidents in one year and included within this is the increased number of 'slam on' accidents reported by our customers. These are accidents where a fraudulent motorist will slam on their brakes unexpectedly causing the motorist behind to drive into the back of their vehicle.

"It's very difficult to prove incidents such as these so we would advise all motorists to be aware they are on the increase and be vigilant. There are unscrupulous drivers out there causing slam on accidents so it's important to keep your distance from cars in front."

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