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Bees make home under car bonnet

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A driver from Lancashire has spoken of his surprise after finding that the progressively worsening performance of his car was down to a family of bees that had made their home inside the engine.

Alf James, 81, became aware of the invasion only after his 11-year-old Peugeot 106 failed an MOT.

Mechanics at the Bosch Car Service garage in Haslingden told him honeycombs had completely blocked two of the car's cylinder head ports which is why the vehicle failed its emission test and was not driving as it should.

Mr James, a retired environmental technician said he found it hard initially to believe the bees had nearly destroyed his £2,000 vehicle. It would certainly have made an interesting claim to his car insurance providers.

"I thought the garage was playing a trick on me, I thought it was a joke," he said.

"My garden is a haven for bees - we were even on BBC Radio Lancashire a few years ago reporting on the huge problem we have, it's a real hassle for us in the summer months. Never in my years did I think that the bees would make my car their home."

Neil Wright, manager of Haslingden Bosch Car Service Garage, said: "In nearly 25 years of working in this business, I have never seen anything like this. The car was misfiring and running badly."

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