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Charity backs road closure plans

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A motoring charity has backed plans to get to grips with the £1 billion cost of lost hours to business when accidents on motorways lead to lengthy closures.

The RAC Foundation is getting behind the Government's plan to speed up roadside investigations with £3 million of funding.

The Department for Transport will use the cash to help police forces buy laser equipment in a move which could mean less time waiting around for van insurance customers.

The Highways Agency and emergency services are also committed to the Government's push to get motorways up and running more quickly after an accident.

Police will be given further training under the plans, which will also analyse the regional differences for how long motorways are closed.

Roads minister Mike Penning said: "There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end. But even worse than that is the shocking £1 billion cost of those lost hours for our economy."

RAC Foundation director professor Stephen Glaister said: "Closed roads cost the country dear and with traffic forecast to grow by a third in the next 15 years things are only set to get worse, with the system at, or, in certain places, beyond, capacity."

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