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Drivers sticking with petrol models

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Despite their better fuel economy, diesel cars remain less popular with buyers than their petrol equivalents, research has found.

With car insurance premiums and the cost of fuel continuing to rise, people would be expected to choose the most economical vehicles.

But more than a third (35%) of motorists surveyed by said they would still buy a petrol car, while just a quarter said they would go for a diesel version.

Men (29%) appear to be more inclined to buy diesel cars than women (22%), while 4% of all drivers questioned said they were not concerned about fuel type.

The poll also showed a growing number of motorists were leaning towards greener cars, with 10% saying they would opt for a hybrid model and 2% saying they would go for all-electric.

For hybrid cars the figures reflect a potentially huge growth, as they accounted for just 1.1% of new car sales in the UK last year.

Worryingly for the motor trade, almost one in four respondents said they didn't have any plans to change their current car.

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