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Eco-driving 'could help cut costs'

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Eco-driving techniques such as regular, basic tyre checks and getting rid of unnecessary loads in the vehicle could make the average driver in the UK nearly £300 a year better off, according to a new study by Continental Tyres.

When the current fuel prices are taken into account, UK drivers could save over a combined £1 billion a year, or the equivalent of a shocking £18,000 over the driving lifetime of a motorist.

Continental Tyres found in its survey that two out of five (40%) people do not have any idea about eco-driving techniques, despite nearly 90% expressing their concerns over the soaring fuel costs.

Half of respondents who rely on their cars to get to work fear that they could be forced off the roads if fuel prices continued the upward trend.

Continental Tyres said eco-driving techniques could help reduce motoring costs amid the rising fuel prices and high car insurance premiums.

Tim Bailey, driving expert at Continental Tyres, said: "As fuel costs continue to rise, affordable motoring is a big concern. By making minor alterations to your driving technique and doing regular basic checks such as tyre pressure, motorists can save hundreds of pounds a year."

Continental Tyres has urged motorists to make sure that the tyres are properly aligned to reduce fuel usage and avoid uneven wear, plan unfamiliar journeys to reduce the possibility of getting lost, and drive within the speed limit to reduce fuel consumption.

Other eco-driving tips recommended include driving in the highest possible gear for the speed one is doing, driving with a little more distance to the vehicle ahead to avoid harsh braking, and turning on the air conditioning and heaters only when really needed.

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