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Hyundai hits 5m sales in Europe

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Hyundai has celebrated the sale of five million vehicles in Europe since the first Hyundai Pony was imported in 1977.

The five millionth vehicle was an i30 which was launched in 2007. Just over 320,000 have been sold to customers across the European dealer network since.

Since 1977, the Korean firm's sales momentum in Europe has steadily surged, leading to an increase in demand for the brand's cars.

Hyundai has exceeded the market sales trend in Europe for 27 consecutive months up to March this year.

It was not until 1996 that Hyundai made its first million sales in Europe. The company sold its two millionth car in 2001.

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Hyundai was able to achieve the three million mark by 2005 and later four million in 2008, thanks to its popularity among European consumers as well as an expanding network of retailers covering a wider geographical area.

The launch of the i30 in Europe in 2007 helped to further boost the growth the company.

This followed the introduction of new Hyundai models such as the i10 and i20, as well as the ix20 compact MPV and ix35 SUV, all of which boast Europe-focused styling, powertrains and packaging.

Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe said: "Hitting five million sales is a wonderful achievement for Hyundai and it marks us out as a major player in what is the world's most competitive car market."

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