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Travellers warned over insurance

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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised Britons to take out comprehensive travel insurance before staying with family and friends in overseas destinations after a survey showed that people are more likely to buy a gift for their hosts than take out cover.

According to the FCO's survey, conducted as part of its Know Before You Go campaign, one out of three people who had stayed with their loved ones overseas had not taken out travel insurance.

Of those who had no plans to take out travel insurance while visiting friends and family abroad this year, 77% cited saving money as the main reason behind their decision.

However, the FCO warned that attempting to save money by not taking out insurance cover can be a "false economy" when faced with the high costs of medical treatment or the loss of valuable possessions.

Jeremy Browne, minister for consular affairs, said: "Take the same steps before you go as you would for any other holiday, such as taking out travel insurance and doing some pre-trip research, to ensure you are prepared if something does go wrong."

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