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Fleet managers choose 'green' cars

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The green credentials of a car take priority over luxury features for fleet managers when choosing company vehicles, according to a study.

Volvo's latest Drive report shows that Benefit in Kind tax is the most important consideration in purchase decisions, ahead of luxury accessories such as 18 inch alloys, leather seats and satellite navigation.

The study covering more than 250 fleet operators also shows that 7% are planning to introduce incentive to encourage more employees to opt for green vehicles that are not just more efficient but can help make car insurance savings.

However, according to Volvo Car UK executive Selwyn Cooper, such schemes would be unnecessary if companies pick the right models for their car choice list.

Mr Cooper said: "Drivers don't want to compromise on specification, comfort and driveability by going for a green model.

"High spec, sporty looking low emission models are increasingly becoming more readily available which if made available across the company car choice list, shouldn't force organisations to incentivise drivers."

"Companies should automatically see an improved take-up without having to finance the change as well as benefitting from a lower corporate carbon footprint," he added.

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