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Suffolk Police issue homes warning

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Suffolk Police have called for homeowners to take additional measures such as taking out comprehensive home insurance and boosting security to keep valuable items safe.

The warning came after five burglaries were committed in Stowmarket, Crowfield, Bramford, Higham and East Bergholt since the end of April.

Jewellery worth nearly £45,000 was taken as offenders forced their way through doors and windows during the daytime.

Verity Line, Babergh crime reduction officer, said: "Basic security has not been an issue for these burglaries - keeping doors and windows locked will slow offenders down and forcing them may cause noise and can attract attention.

"However, once inside the burglars have been able to search and locate expensive items of jewellery. Any such items should be kept in a secure location, ideally a very good quality safe.

"Don't keep items in the top drawer of a chest of drawers or in the back of the wardrobe, this is generally the first place offenders will look.

"Property marking is really important, and you can advertise the fact that this has been done by displaying window stickers. SmartWater can be used to mark items - it is invisible to the naked eye but is detectable by police using specialised equipment."

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