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Willson urges electric car VAT cut

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Presenter Quentin Willson is attempting to make eco-friendly driving more affordable by urging the Government to suspend VAT on electric cars.

Willson made the call from his Drive the Future green motor show held at Motorexpo in London's Canary Wharf.

He said that consumers may be put off buying an electric car because they are "far too expensive" despite Government grants of £5,000.

"We need to create demand among consumers and confidence for investors. The UK must lead the World in green car technology before the Chinese beat us to it," he added.

Suspending VAT on electric car sales would reduce some showroom prices by as much as £5,000. This could encourage motorists who are struggling to cover the increasing costs of fuel and car insurance to consider greener options.

So far this year only 500 electric cars have been sold in the UK and this number needs to rise significantly to develop the electric vehicle industry.

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